Inquiry Centre

Category: Education

Description: The Inquiry Centre was purposefully built for the Junior School at Kardinia International College in Geelong. The building contains a library, computer area, stage, staff offices, amenities, children work areas and a large home economics zone.

The exterior design is colourful and angular; this is achieved through numerous materials. One of which is fibreglass cladding, normally used for boat construction. The exterior cladding also includes compressed sheeting that has been formed to look like timber. The intricate design continues into the interior, with numerous ceiling types, including exposed and perforated Atkar ceiling panels. These materials coupled with raked ceiling heights provide a unique effect. The lighting methods and carpet pattern provide continuation of the angular theme throughout the project.

Due to the extraordinary use of angles throughout the architects design, nothing was simple on this project. It demonstrates the skill of the Lyons Team in completing challenging projects.

Location: Ballarat Road, Bell Post Hill

Value Range: $1m to $3million

Client: Kardinia International College

Architect: James Deans & Associates








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