Lyons Construction has been completing a major upgrade to Fagg's Mitre 10 South Geelong Store. They have been in this location for many years.

Their store has had frontage to Moorabool Street but with more buildings and carparking behind split by a public roadway. This has not been an ideal situation for their operations and for pedestrians.

The board made the decision to buy land at the rear fronting Yarra Street with the plan to close the part of the building which was over two storeys on Moorabool Street and expand the store on the new land, re-arrange and re-furbish so the store would be in one location and over one level.

The project has had many challenges of marrying in old and new and updating all services for a modern building. The result will be a magnificent superstore for Fagg's Mitre 10 which will make it much easier for builder's like us to buy our materials! . . . more

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